My friend @Iamjuliawheeler in Tahiti ! by Christian COULOMBE

Julia Wheeler is a photographer, globe trotter and free diver (instructor and competitor)
She came in Tahiti last year already, we met in Bali in May, we are now a good and productive team working together !
We've made in October plenty of crazy and fantastic shoots and videos !
More to come ;)

@Where_is_Sabs" visiting me in Tahiti by Christian COULOMBE

In October I had the visit of Sabrina .
Globe trotter and Free Diver (instructor) Tahiti was one of the very destination to be done.
We've had a lot of time for diving, free-diving and photo cessions.
Here are some of them, you can find more in the different galleries.
Thanks Sab for this perfect collaboration ! Hope to cross your road again somewhere ;)

A week in Fakarava - Tetamanu / Tuamotus by Christian COULOMBE

Adverse weather, with strong wind, prevented us from making the expected shootings we came for. Underwater and drone views. Meanwhile we took the opportunity to make different shootings indoor, in ruins of a house, with a pig ... That was a lot of fun still.


Postcards of these fabulous landscapes embellished with a Vahine

Back from Indonesia by Christian COULOMBE

Lot of incredible shots made over there with some Free divers from Australia Julia Wheeler, Amber, and from Ocean Prada Bali. Leina , and more. Wonderful and graceful ♥ Mermaids ♥

Underwater dancing by Christian COULOMBE

Francis and Aurelie are experts free-divers. They had prepared some figures for that shooting, but their practice underwater, with "empty lungs" has appeared to be more difficult than expected.
With no sensation of weight and few visual references, make a figure is a real challenge !

Sup Sailing underwater by Christian COULOMBE

Thanks to @mathieu_fouliard who lent me a perfect RRD sail for that series !
My two sailors for the occasion were quite performing, even though the bottom was 5 meters deep. Congrats & @maronuirichmond, you made it good !