Julie - 8 months pregnant

From Moorea - French Polynesia

Un grand MERCI à Christian pour sa patience et son professionnalisme.
Nous souhaitions des photos belles et originales pour l’arrivée de notre bébé. Le résultat est bien au delà de nos attentes…
Christian est créatifs et plein de bonnes idées, et les photos nous ont été livrées en un temps record.
Merci merci merci… 

The whales whisperer

Julia Wheeler

From Australia Sydney - Photographer and Free diver

Christian is the Indiana Jones of photographers - he can make anything happen with the best attitude you could ask for in a professional photographer. On four different accounts, spanning over 2016 and 2017, I have worked with Christian in both Tahiti and Indonesia both underwater and land. 

Christian is an expert in the underwater photography field and knows how to get the best shots. His attention to detail is emasculate and will never take short cuts to achieve the best shots. I always feel safe and comfortable working with Christian and wouldn't hesitate for a second in recommending him for any professional underwater photo shoot. 

I am always blown away by the outcome of our photo shoots and Christian has a tendency to over-deliver the best selection of images. He is fair and professional and if you are lucky enough to work with him, go for it. 

Julia Wheeler
November 2017 



Sabrina E. Sommer

From Germany - World traveller

All my underwater dreams came true thanks Christian. He is really one of the best in this business, an outstanding photographer (and a wonderful person) with lots of crazy, extraordinary and gorgeous ideas for your shoot. Christian has captured perfectly some of the best moments in my life. He is a delight to work with - from his relaxed and professional attitude on my difficult shoots to the flawless delivery of my images.
I also appreciated his hard work and energy throughout the entire day.

Since I scuba and freedive a lot I'm a big ocean and wildlife lover. Also this I could share 100% with Christian. His knowledge and passion for humpback whales,tiger sharks and other marine life is amazing and beyond basic. I leaned a lot of new stuff about all these magnificent animals.

Thank you Christian for everything you never cease to amaze me and all your other mermaids!



Kristy Jessica,  From USA Seatle- Professional model

Modeling for Christian was very productive and full of positive energy.
He hosted me for 5 nights in his spare room and we went out to he ocean on his boat for underwater shoots each day.
He is super creative and pays close attention to detail. He also delivers the photos promised within a super reasonable amount of time.
I highly recommend coming to Tahiti to shoot with Christian Smartshot, it's a beautiful place and you are guaranteed to get world class one of a kind photos ! 

And better than words is a VIDEO ! Edited by Kristy herself ;)


Jelena & Wolfgang

Jelena and Wolfgang Fitness Professional and Freediver/Photographer from Austria

Already before we came to the island we met Christian online and were overwhelmed by his pictures and his mind blowing ideas. We hoped so much to get the opportunity to work with him and were happy that he immediately liked our ideas. We finally got to meet Christian in person when he picked us up with his boat in Moorea. The following two days turned out to be the highlight of our vacation. Christian is not only a photographer who definitely knows what he is doing, he is also a super nice guy, patiently dedicated to what he is doing. When we then got to see the results the first time at our fare-well dinner, we were completely stunned. We hope very much to meet him again, maybe at some other remote place of the earth and are very thankful for the memories he made possible to have and that we now share with him.



Chrissy Choi

From Korea - Actress


혹등고래와 수영하기 위해 10박 11일의 모레아 여행을 오래전부터 계획했지만, 여행의 첫날과 마지막 날 머무를 타히티에서의 일정은 왠지 모르게 비워두었었죠.
한국에서 출발하기 일주일 전, 우연히 인스타그램에서 크리스를 알게 되었고, 우리가 비워둔 일정에 함께 작업할 수 있을지 크리스에게 메일을 보냈어요.
크리스는 사진 찍기 좋은 시간, 모레아로 가는 페리 일정 등에 대해 친절하게 설명해주었고 그렇게 우리는 일주일 후 항구에서 처음 만났습니다.
타히티에 도착하기 전 이미 크리스의 사진에 흠뻑 빠져있었던 저는 그의 사진이 가진 특별한 위트와 따뜻함이 크리스가 가진 매력이었음을 알게 되었어요.
저는 PADI 강사이고 바다와 물에 아주 친숙한 사람이지만, 슈트가 아닌 옷을 입고 물속에서 눈을 뜨고 하는 촬영은 처음이라서 매우 서툴고 어색했어요.
그렇지만 크리스는 정말 프로답게 짧은 순간에도 많은 샷을 멋지게 담아냈습니다.
제가 모레아에 도착한 후에도 크리스와 저는 계속 메일을 주고받으며 사진을 선택하고 후반 작업에 대해 상의했어요.
크리스의 배로 이동해서 타히티에서 처음 마주한 바다는 맑고 깨끗하고 비밀스러운 포인트였는데 그 아름다운 공간에 제가 함께 어우러져 정말 멋진 사진들이었어요.
내가 좀 더 일찍 크리스를 알고 더 많은 준비를 해왔더라면 얼마나 더 멋진 작업을 할 수 있었을까! 다음에 꼭 다시 한번 그와 작업하고 싶어요.
크리스는 프로페셔널 수중 사진작가면서 정말 좋은 친구입니다.
우리가 일정의 첫날과 마지막 날이 비어있었다는 것을 기억하고 있던 크리스는 모레아에서 우리가 타히티로 돌아오던 마지막 날을 함께 해주었어요.
숨이 막히게 아름답고 웅장한 산으로 함께 간 우리는 평생 잊지 못할 추억을 만들었습니다. 타히티와 크리스가 그리워요.  

I planned 10 nights and 11 days Moorea tours from long time ago, I don’t know why but I don’t have any plans for the first day and the last day in Tahiti.
A week before I left Korea, I happened to find Chris on Instagram. I sent an email to ask him that we could work together that day.
Chris answer me very kindly that the nice time to take underwater photos and ferry schedule to Moorea, etc. Then we met together at peer in Tahiti after a week.
I already crushed on Chris’ underwater photos before I arrived in Tahiti. When I met him, I could know the special wit and warmhearted his photos same as Chris himself.
I’m PADI instructor and I’m used to underwater though, I’m not used to wear clothes that are not diving suit and take photos with open eyes.
So I was not that good model. But Chirs is very professional to take great shots during very short time.
We exchanged emails to choose best shots and discuss later works during I’ve been in Mo’orea.
It is very clear and beautiful secret points that we worked together, Chris took the great place with me in such a great harmony.
If I knew him earlier and I could prepare for this work more, I could be a better model! I’m dying to work with him again.
Chris in not only professional photographer but also good friend. He remembered that I had no plan the last day of my trip, he offered me & my friend great time that day.
He took us breathtakingly beautiful and grand mountain and we had unforgettable memories there. I miss Chris and Tahiti.